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Lilith, also known as the 'Mother of Misery,' 'Queen of the Succubi,' 'Mother of Deceit,' and 'Mistress of Betrayal,' is a powerful demon. She is coeval with the Lesser Evils, but not counted as one. She is the daughter of Mephisto, sister of Lucion, and mother of Linarian and Andariel.

(from Diablo Wiki)

I always wanted to design, design and program my very own computer, just to torture my brains. Inspired by the Youtube channels of Ben Eater and Joe's Computer Museum, I started to build my very own version, but 65C816 based.

I'll try to keep this section of my site up to date with my findings, experiments, errata, updates and errors.


This project is a hobby project. This is not a professional design.