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Adria is my second attempt to build a simple computer, based on a WDC65C816 CPU.

Using the NXP SC28L9x IC

After studying the sources for BDD's (BigDumbDinosaur on POC v1.x SBC and reading his PDFs for wiring up and driving the SC28L9x ICs, I started a test board on veroboard, but changed the used from from 68k to 80xxx mode.

I had some mixed results, but with the help of BDD I have now "retired" the 6551 based board and I am now talking to Adria using the NXP SC28L92.

The Intel hex loader gave me some issue, but that seemed related to a bug in my source (regarding index masking, again: thanks BDD).

Currently I am only using channel A of the SC28L92.

Known Issues

(nothing yet)