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It has been a while since I wrote something on my site, but I haven't been sitting doing nothing in the meantime....

As mentioned in one of my blog posts, I made another revision of my card, so I can continue my exploration of the Apple ][, hardware-wise.

My goal will be to have an SPI bus on my IIgs. After some Googling, I found a nice idea/implementation by André Fachat on (André's 8-bit pages), who has make an SPI implementation with the 6522 VIA, with bit-banging, the other using PHI2.

I extended my circuit to incorporate the 6522, including a 74HCT74 to re-create the PHI2 clock, which is missing on the Apple ][ bus. I use a 65SC22, which should have some bugs resolved.

Schematics Apple II Proto Rev E Card

I also rewrote the driver André made for his CS/A65 computer for ca65 as I write my code in Xcode IDE. Testing the code, I didn't get the results I expected, so I got my Bitscope micro and fired up Bitscope Logic to sniff the SPI bus. You can find the code here..

Screencapture of Bitscope Logic sniffing the SPI bus

Somehow it seems the SCLK signal is out-of-sync with the MOSI/MISO signal(s), in the screenshot I was sending $aa to the SPI bus. Right now I am out of ideas for this route. I might go the CPLD way (also an implementation by André)