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I did receive the PCBs for the Proto card (to work with EEPROMs).

First thing I noticed, is that I made some small errors with the Rev C design. This meant I had to cut some (two) traces and lay some wires.

Rev D schematics (with the changed connections)

Cut trace #1

I had to cut a trace at pin #1 of U6 (a 74HCT245, the A-B signal). I had it hardwired together with the Write Enable jumper header, which means that we can only send data to the card when the jumper is installed. This is not my intention, as I also want to be able to send data in 'Normal Operation mode'

Cut the trace it pin #1 (which is for the direction)

Cut trace #2

The next trace to cut is at U4, pin #5. This was 'just' a drawing error, on my breadboard I did wire it all right....

Seems I had to 'wire' this signal directly from /IOSTROBE instead of behind the inverter


What results is a board with two wires to correct my errors.

Just a wild 'n fast hack to get the signals corrected